In business since 2017, we build intelligent, sustainable grant programs that help nonprofits succeed. We work with organizations throughout the US to create or enhance their program models to significantly impact the communities they serve.

We give our clients…

Individual Attention

We understand that giving your organization the attention it needs provides not only better services but better outcomes in winning grants, improving your systems, and overall impact. Our goal is to get to know and understand you and your programs so we can tell your story in a way that gets the attention of those who give to your mission.

Professional Consultants

Every client experience is important to us, that’s why we make sure that our consultants are people who care, operate in integrity and create positive professional environments for those they service. We train our consultants quarterly to improve and keep up with best practices year round.

Educational Empowerment

We believe in equipping founders and staff with the information they need to operate in success that will last for years to come! By empowering founders and staff with educational tools such as online courses, training, and more, they will be able to operate using best-sustaining methods and practices.

What other clients say…

The Empowerment Center helped us develop a strategic plan and positioned us to get grant funding for our outreach program.

― Lashena, All God’s Children Resource Center, CLEVELAND, OH

Our education center served families who were homeschooled and were going through many changes, The Empowerment Center helped us work through program issues and develop better systems for our staff and students!

― Shula, Virtus Classical, RANCHO CORDOVA, CA

We understand what it takes to serve communities.

Our Success


Since we opened in 2017, we’ve impacted change for over 300 nonprofit organizations.


Our business services now have a 100% success rate!


We have consistently produced the results you are looking for year after year, five consecutive years in a row, with better results each year.



1. I just need one grant written, will you take a single assignment?

Yes! It’s more common for our clients to use our full spectrum of services and support, we can provide a single project service for one specific proposal or grant.

2. Will you write grants based on commission or after the grant is won?

No. Grant writing is a profession, and our writers have spent years crafting and developing their skills. As part of the Grant Writing Association standard, writing grants on commission or contingent upon award is considered unethical.

3. What other benefits do you offer alongside grant writing?

We offer nonprofit formation paperwork completion, program development for better program operations, and general nonprofit consulting services, including board development training, education and empowerment workshops, and DEI.

4. How much time do you need to write a single grant?

This varies. The average time we ask for is between 4-6 weeks. Many variables go into a completion time frame, such as the amount of information a funder asks the organization to provide, if documents are not readily available, if additional information needs to be developed, etc.

5. Do we get copies of the grant applications or proposals you submit?

Yes! We take pride in our transparency with clients. We provide submission receipts along with copies of all submitted applications.

6. We are a new organization, can we get grant funding?

This varies. New organizations can get grant funding. Planning ahead and ensuring you are grant ready is only a precursor but many funders also want to know that your program has or will have an impact, your team is aware of what your organization is fixing or the root cause behind your program and you are actually working with the community and the target populations you wish to impact. Having a program that is evidenced based and can be backed by research will increase opportunities but not guarantee them.

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We are a business empowerment consulting firm with headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio providing services nationwide.