The Art of Decision Making

When we talk about leaders, we often speak about decisiveness. When leaders can make decisions quickly and gain practical outputs, we would say they are successful. However, making decisions is not always advantageous and can sometimes be harmful. In this blog, we are discussing how the nonprofit sector and other business sector leaders can andContinue reading “The Art of Decision Making”

Budgeting to make Progress

Understanding budgets are a part of work some nonprofit leaders never grow to like but are necessary for building capacity. Budgets tell a story and paint a picture for how your nonprofit operates and how well it stewards finances. All nonprofits operate differently. Oftentimes, the budget will reflect unique financial needs. Here we’ve outlined someContinue reading “Budgeting to make Progress”

Founders Edition: Building Bridges

The most effective nonprofit founders are “in touch” with the community their organization serves. They aren’t afraid to make speeches, meet and greet, network, and be visible in and to the community. A good nonprofit leader isn’t going to get very far if they aren’t interacting with the community they serve. Becoming a founder ofContinue reading “Founders Edition: Building Bridges”

How to Make Board Meetings Work

Running board meetings on a monthly basis can be at times overwhelming. However, it is a necessary and much-needed routine meeting that has to occur. Meetings, in general, can be full of pitfalls and nonproductive efforts that may lead to frustrated board members. Creating a Meeting Strategy is one way to get your board onContinue reading “How to Make Board Meetings Work”

How Nonprofits Can Create Economic Impact

Nonprofits make the world a better place and are vital parts of our communities. According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are 1.5 million nonprofits registered in the United States. This means that a lot of work is being done and a lot of money is being generated by public charities and privateContinue reading “How Nonprofits Can Create Economic Impact”

How Your Nonprofit Can Engage in Community Issues

At the core of any nonprofit’s work is serving the community and providing needed resources, information or education to people who need it the most. But to remain in tune with community needs, nonprofits must maintain a constant presence and stay in close communication with local residents and community stakeholders. Knowing what’s really happening inContinue reading “How Your Nonprofit Can Engage in Community Issues”