Grant Development Services

Let us manage your grants while you focus on other things.

The grant development process can be overwhelming and tedious, especially for nonprofit organizations that already have a lot on their plates. The writing process can be particularly time consuming, as writing a single federal grant application can take an average of between 80 and 200 hours. However, recent data reveals that roughly 20% of nonprofit income is derived from grants, which is why it is fundamental to your organization’s progress to not only secure grant funding, but know the right way to do it. At The Empowerment Center, we research and track grants so you don’t have to. 

Since our founding in 2017, we have provided results-driven grant development services for our clients in Cleveland, Ohio and beyond. Through our grant development services, we have helped hundreds of nonprofits across the country grow and scale to meet the needs of their communities. We understand that it is not just about the money, it’s about the people that are helped through grant funding. 

Our team is committed to being with your organization every step of the way to give you the guidance and consultation needed to be successful ― whether it’s through prospect research, grant writing, or grant management. Your donors and funders will gain confidence in not only your program’s impact, but in your organization’s strength as a whole.




We use national grant databases and other grant research techniques to find local, state and federal grants that best suit your nonprofit organization’s mission and values. We not only find grants, but also provide you with a synopsis of those grant funders that most align with your nonprofit mission.




We write grants for all types of organizations from beginning to end while ensuring that you are involved every step of the way. Our process is transparent and systematic to empower you with the information you need to guarantee your success in not only securing grants, but managing awarded grants as well.




We help nonprofits report, communicate and stay in compliance with awarded grants. You can partner with our team as we help you along your nonprofit journey, no matter how far along or new you are to the grant process. We will help you organize your grants and set them up to organically circulate in our grant process system.

Let’s make change happen together.

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