How Nonprofits Can Create Economic Impact

Nonprofits make the world a better place and are vital parts of our communities. According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are 1.5 million nonprofits registered in the United States. This means that a lot of work is being done and a lot of money is being generated by public charities and privateContinue reading “How Nonprofits Can Create Economic Impact”

Not All Funding Is The Same

Finding and attaining funding for a nonprofit is a long and continuous process. Nonprofits are funded through grants, individual giving, major gifts, and sponsorships. All of the different types of funding available for nonprofits come with it’s own set of benefits and challenges. Grants: There are a variety of different types of grants that canContinue reading “Not All Funding Is The Same”

Creating a Fund Development Plan

Fund development is the strategic positioning by which an organization grows and sustains resources through building and maintaining relationships with key community stakeholders , philanthropist, and others who understand and care about the organization mission and its overall impact to the community. Sound fund development plans are built on two main factors: relationships thatcontinually strengthenContinue reading “Creating a Fund Development Plan”

How Your Nonprofit Can Engage in Community Issues

At the core of any nonprofit’s work is serving the community and providing needed resources, information or education to people who need it the most. But to remain in tune with community needs, nonprofits must maintain a constant presence and stay in close communication with local residents and community stakeholders. Knowing what’s really happening inContinue reading “How Your Nonprofit Can Engage in Community Issues”

How to Engage Volunteers Effectively

Volunteers are the backbone of many nonprofit programs and initiatives, often providing the extra manpower and resources needed to realize an organization’s mission. Having a plan to ensure they are committed and appreciated is key to having a volunteer base you can depend on time and time again. Here are 5 tips to engage volunteersContinue reading “How to Engage Volunteers Effectively”

Using Leverage As A Grassroots Start-Up

Leverage can be used to connect your organization to people, places and things to help it flourish. Not to mention, leverage can be used to advance your mission much faster. What exactly is leverage and how can it be used in the nonprofit sector? In this case, we’re defining leverage as using one source ofContinue reading “Using Leverage As A Grassroots Start-Up”

What to expect when starting a non profit program

When someone comes into our office for consultation, one of the very first things we ask is – what are you doing in the community? Creating a foundation of sustainability is reliant not only upon fundraising but on the effectiveness of your programs impact on the communities you aim to serve. There are many waysContinue reading “What to expect when starting a non profit program”