Grant Management Essentials

Grants are essential to nonprofit sustainability and can often impact an organization’s overall growth . But what does a nonprofit do once they get awarded the grant they so desperately need to keep their program running? Getting a grant awarded is great but there is more work to be done after the grant is won.Continue reading “Grant Management Essentials”

The Importance of Building Relationships with Funders

A nonprofit organization is like any other business in that it must stay financially afloat to succeed and prosper. Nonprofit organizations are often advised to diversify their funding and make sure that it is coming from a myriad of sources like membership fees, the sale of goods and services, and donations. More often than not,Continue reading “The Importance of Building Relationships with Funders”

Not All Funding Is The Same

Finding and attaining funding for a nonprofit is a long and continuous process. Nonprofits are funded through grants, individual giving, major gifts, and sponsorships. All of the different types of funding available for nonprofits come with it’s own set of benefits and challenges. Grants: There are a variety of different types of grants that canContinue reading “Not All Funding Is The Same”