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The New Era of Networking

In today’s world, networking online levels the playing field for many small businesses and nonprofits. Businesses can network and compete with anyone around the world. Whether finding new clients, raising money, or recruiting volunteers; you can network globally to get reliable solutions for your company. Research suggests that networking helps businesses stay ahead of theContinue reading “The New Era of Networking”

Sustainable Practices in 2022

Business practices that are economically viable, socially responsible or environmentally friendly is usually regarded as being sustainable. Corporations that include socially responsible and environmentally sound policies as core elements in their growth strategy very often create sustainable economic values. U.S. Census data shows that companies owned by women and people of color account for approximatelyContinue reading “Sustainable Practices in 2022”

Budgeting to make Progress

Understanding budgets are a part of work some nonprofit leaders never grow to like but are necessary for building capacity. Budgets tell a story and paint a picture for how your nonprofit operates and how well it stewards finances. All nonprofits operate differently. Oftentimes, the budget will reflect unique financial needs. Here we’ve outlined someContinue reading “Budgeting to make Progress”

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What’s a Capital Campaign?

The best thing a nonprofit can do is bring in diversified capital and donations. At the core, a capital campaign is a drawn-out extensive fundraiser. On a complex level, a capital campaign is a concerted effort to raise a substantial amount of money for a specific program in a specific time frame. They require supportContinue reading “What’s a Capital Campaign?”


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