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Running a nonprofit organization is a lot of work, and just like any other business, a nonprofit must follow best business practices for continued growth and success. Accelerating and adapting to times of disruption, technological advances, and industry changes is more vital than ever before for business leaders. The Empowerment Center consultants work to create custom solutions that operate according to your specifications and maximize usability, efficiency, and ease of service.

We work with organizations locally, nationally and around the world.

Working with us will empower you and your teams to work autonomously and effectively. We integrate tools and resources into our consulting so you can serve communities using the most efficient practices to save you time and meet the demands of a growing organization. The result will be an engaging, seamless, and unified experience for you and your staff.


With organizations facing unprecedented rates of change in business operations, new recipes for success are not just recommended moving forward but necessary. Business leaders must generate new ideas and think beyond their core capabilities to help unlock the subsequent big waves of growth. Tapping into the power of partnership, collaboration, and leveraging existing relationships, we help both small and large organizations reach their goals and achieve a higher potential. Putting community at the heart of all our work, we tap into our client’s strengths so they can compete, win and grow.


Public and social sector organizations are key to building strong and vibrant communities. We will work with you to build dynamic and innovative programs with solid evidence of impact to attract funding and critical stakeholders. The Empowerment Center consulting services help you find suitable systems and procedures for delivery to your consumers. Meeting the demands of the community is not for the faint of heart and having the right program design is key to running successful program operations.

Working from diagnosis to delivery, we help nonprofit organizations thrive for those that need them most ― the people they serve.


Having a plan in place is a business practice that never gets old. A strategic plan helps establish a direction for your organization to develop the right goals and the right time and way to achieve them. Everyone on your team must do their part to hit the target at hand, and we can help you with every step. We work with our clients to develop a strategic plan they can use and reuse to impact not only their business operations but also the community they serve.


We consult organizations so they can advocate on behalf of those they serve ― in short, we empower you to empower others. The Empowerment Center services give to organizations what they give to the community. We help equip and empower nonprofits to challenge policy, develop white papers and help cultivate relationships with leaders within their community. We know that connections are what foster change, whether that is through policy or advocacy, and we help you nurture those connections.


Building an inclusive environment and team helps keep morale high, as well as retention low. When people who work for you feel that they are more involved in decisions, have a voice, and also play a part in the business, it makes them happier to do the work and overall more productive employees. The Empowerment Center consults organizations to reduce implicit bias, diversify team dynamics, improve communication and increase staff engagement.

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