The Art of Decision Making

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When we talk about leaders, we often speak about decisiveness. When leaders can make decisions quickly and gain practical outputs, we would say they are successful. However, making decisions is not always advantageous and can sometimes be harmful. In this blog, we are discussing how the nonprofit sector and other business sector leaders can and should be effective decision-makers.

Nonprofits typically make decisions as a team but often seek help to improve decision-making in their organization to reach growth milestones for better outcomes and productivity within their teams. So the question becomes, how do you make good decisions and create a healthy voice at the table to enlist diverse perspectives?

Bridgeban recently published research with following 5 approaches for better decision-making:

1. Map out roles for key decisions

2. Make sure the decision goes to the right level within the organization

3. Set up new decision makers for good success

4. Ask for and gather input from others including stakeholders, staff, and those within the group you serve

5. Think critically about the equity implications of decisions inside and outside your organization

Considering options and making sure you are not leaving the organization behind is essential. Innovation, technology, and outside-the-box thinking can take a nonprofit from mediocre to excellent. Creating tactics for decision-making helps not only leadership but those working alongside leadership as well.

As a nonprofit team, making decisions can be more efficient by working together for the mission alongside open-minded leaders who aim to help bolster the organization’s growth.

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