What’s a Strategic Plan?

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Navigating and learning the ins and outs of nonprofits can be overwhelming to a newbie. Even if you’ve worked in the sector, fund and leadership development will need to be reexamined on a regular basis. Strong business and overall organizational development skills are needed for leaders in the journey of the nonprofit sector, both large and small. Strategic planning is one stop along that journey.

Strategic planning is a guide that helps create a road map to your organizations’ growth. Together with your team, you’ll be able to discover what should be prioritized. With the added pandemic in the midst of it all, it feels challenging to plan during a time of so much uncertainty. Yet, planning and putting a strategic plan in place can help flush out shortcomings and create contingencies for your organization.

Mapping out your funding

Revisiting and developing internal systems for better sustainability helps grow your team and staff. Planning better strategies for serving your target population effectively will improve your staff retention and your program outcomes.

Strategic planning helps create a plan for growing your team. You want to see the vision of your organization in wholeness and in its parts. A good strategic planning consultant will help you see those parts. Develop a process for growing your staff and overall Human Resources.

Getting a financial analysis done helps map out where to allocate funding. Even more, a good financial strategy will help onboard staff while growing. In the strategic planning process, you’ll plan out projected and expected funds. The income streams you tap into will depend on your nonprofit services and mission. From grants to individual donations, you’ll have an idea of where each dollar will be spent. Making it easier to make your case for funding needs for program and operating costs.

In close, the ultimate goal of creating a plan is not to solve problems but to enable our communities and organizations to keep moving forward through the challenges.

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