How to Make Board Meetings Work

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Running board meetings on a monthly basis can be at times overwhelming. However, it is a necessary and much-needed routine meeting that has to occur. Meetings, in general, can be full of pitfalls and nonproductive efforts that may lead to frustrated board members.

Creating a Meeting Strategy is one way to get your board on track. Determine the most effective meeting times and stick to them. When meeting, make sure there’s someone available to take notes, typically the Board Secretary will take the notes. Regardless of who takes notes, have a universal template that whoever takes them will follow. Meeting notes should be taken at each and every meeting.

Identifying key roles on your board team is very important in making sure your board members aren’t feeling lost or confused about their duties. There are 3-4 key roles but other board members can also be assigned task and positions as well.

Making the most out of your board team is always best. Tap onto what each member enjoys most and the areas they have an interest in. Then assign them accordingly. You’ll soon discover who needs to do what and be on track to more effective board meetings!

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